Single All The Way: Truths About Being Single During The Holidays

Like most single girls, I become more aware of my singleness during the holidays. That is not to say there are not times I wish I had a partner (read arm candy) by my side. The holidays are filled with ugly Christmas sweaters, mistletoe, gifts, and much more. Plus, we all want to know who is on the naughty or nice list. If you’re single, you face some truths about being single during this time of year.

Here are five annoying things every single girl deals with during the holiday season:

1 – Everyone asks, “Are you dating anyone?” or “Why are you single?”

Answering these questions get very old very quickly. “Well Aunt Sally if I knew why I was single, I wouldn’t be.” I would not suggest making it into a drinking game, or you will be hammered in no time. Unless that is the goal, then drink away my friends. I have been on the receiving end of these questions more times than I can count. I understand how frustrating and annoying it can be to answer over and over, especially when the answer hasn’t changed. “No grandma I’m not dating anyone.” followed by her saying, “You’re my only grandchild without a boyfriend. It’s ok you’re young. You’ll meet someone eventually.” Of course I just love having this conversation over and over again. It sucks answering this question but the quicker you do, the quicker you can change the subject, like to how Uncle Mike spiked his eggnog a little too hard again this year.

2 – You feel suffocated by everyone’s couples posts

“Thankful for this guy” – If you use that as your Instagram caption I WILL make fun of you behind your back. Call me bitter, I don’t really care but your cutesy couple posts just annoy me. Why is there an excess amount of them during the holidays? I get it, your beau is super special and you are just so thankful for him, especially on Thanksgiving. I will most likely scroll past all of these pics. If you get a like from me, you should feel special. On top of that, I will make fun of you even more if you use “All I Want for Christmas is You” as your Instagram caption. Newsflash, you already have them. They don’t need to be on your Christmas list. Yes, I get Mariah is basically the queen of Christmas. Do I sing this song at the top of my lungs the entire month of December? Yes, I do. But, please for the love of God, come up with something original as your caption. All kidding aside, the appearance of all the happy couples on our timelines can make us feel like we are missing out. Maybe just once, we want to be that annoying person. Wow I couldn’t keep a straight face while writing that. I never want to be that annoying person.

3 – Holiday engagements are the worst

I write this just days past Thanksgiving and there have been approximately six engagements on my timeline. (There have been nine.) Ladies and gents this is just the beginning and I’m wondering if we can fast forward past Valentine’s Day. Now, not only do I have to endure your “Thankful is an understatement” posts. I now have to like your “He put a ring on it” post or I will look like a jerk. If I am being totally honest, I don’t want to see a picture of him on one knee. I want to know what size rock he bought you. Also, now that there is a royal engagement, good luck competing with that. You can’t. So don’t even try. While we are on the subject, any future boyfriends, take this as a fair warning, DO NOT propose to me during the holidays. I seriously dislike holiday engagements and I will probably say no for that reason alone. I do not want to share my engagement excitement with the holidays. I want it to have a special day all it’s own. If for some reason the engagement gets called off, I don’t want to be reminded of that every holiday season for the rest of my life. For fun, let’s add this to the drinking game too. If we take a shot for each engagement we see, we will breeze through the holidays like the inner alcoholics we all know we are.

4 – Less gifts to buy means extra money to treat yourself

Not having a beau means one less person to add to your shopping list. No need to look up Black Friday deals for their favorite beer. No need to buy them the shirt you love (he hates) from J Crew so they can be better dressed than your friends boyfriends. Take that extra cash and invest it in yourself girl. Should you buy yourself something from Tiffany’s? Absolutely. You don’t need a man to buy you what you want. But I won’t judge if you snap a pic of the little blue box to everyone purposely leaving out who bought it for you. Thankfully you also don’t have to drop hints about what gift you are dying for your boy to buy you. Then, when he undoubtedly gets you the wrong thing you don’t have to pretend to love it. Overall, you will actually get what you want this year because you will buy it for yourself.

5 – No New Years Kiss

This might take the cake for the most annoying part of being single during the holidays. The clock strikes midnight and you are chugging straight from the bottle of champagne while everyone else plays tonsil hockey. Who’s the real winner here? The bottle of champagne obviously. You don’t put your mouth on just anything. At the same time, having no NYE kiss could be the ultimate holiday challenge. You locked eyes with a hottie upon arrival to whatever NYE bash you’re attending. Probably because of the killer outfit you claim you threw on but actually took almost as much time planning as your Halloween costume. Make it your mission to lock him in by the end of the night. Maybe the champagne bottle won’t be the only thing getting lucky in 2018.    

New Year’s kiss or not, I plan on drinking my way right on through until Valentine’s Day all while enjoying the thoughtful gifts I so kindly bought myself. Being single during the holidays doesn’t have to suck. It can be quite fun if you make it. Go plan your NYE outfit and be thankful you don’t have to compete with any royal engagements.


Secret Notes and Smiles

4ACAE7E2-1DC0-4833-AEFE-66F45625021A.jpegMashed potatoes and gravy are the first things I dump onto my plate at Thanksgiving dinner. It is by far my most favorite food associated with the holidays. Well, it’s really one of my most favorite foods ever. My mom makes extra just because she knows I will eat an ungodly amount. It is safe to say I am extra thankful for this delicious starchy food. As we gather around our dinner table, someone always asks, the inevitable question, “What are you thankful for?”.

It goes without saying that I am thankful for my family and friends. The people in this world that keep me moving and grooving each and every day. The people that believe in all of me and want me to be the best version of myself. Although, what I am most thankful for this year are everyday graces. I am thankful that I can call my mom during my lunch break. I am thankful that I can make a coworker laugh. But, I am also thankful for any mistakes I make because they prove I am not perfect and always have the ability to grow. These types of things are the ingredients of our days. Overall, each day we are given to live is a blessing.

If you spend all of five minutes with me, you will quickly learn the simplest of things amuse me. I truly love the little things in life: getting to drink a cup of perfectly sweet tea, smelling the pages of a newly opened book, giving my cats a little pat on the head, when my food comes at restaurant, the perfectly timed candid photograph, saying the same thing as someone at the same time, catching the glimpse of someone from across the room, or a new song from my favorite musician. The hustle and bustle of the 21st century placing life on the fast track disassembles our ability to appreciate these things. “What are you thankful for?” becomes a bit of a loaded question. I think we feel pressure to say what we think people want to hear. We feel the need to be thankful for the big things or what everyone else is also thankful for. This pushes the little things off to the side where they simply don’t belong. Simplicity is what makes life beautiful. Without little moments nothing would exist to make up the big moments.

A friend of mine recently started a new job. About a week into working, he arrived to work to a anonymous note left on his desk. The note was about following his dreams and to not push them back. To this day he has no idea who wrote it. All he does know is that it made his day, lifted him up, and tattooed a smile on his face. These are the things that make life special. Small gestures that immediately grant a person hope, or love, or happiness. We have in our power to perform these types of gestures at all times. There is never a wrong time to make someone smile. There won’t be a day I am not thankful for my ability to write a secret note and evoke a hidden smile. Gifting that joy to another will never go out of style.

Ultimately, this year, I am thankful for my ability to make the simplest things what become the brightest things in life. I am thankful for my ability to wish others happiness even if I’ll never be the one to give it to them. Everything is as significant as we make it. It is a choice to let all of the small tiny moments lift us up. This is a choice I will always say yes to. My love of everyday graces will never leave me.

I am not here to tell you, that you too, should be thankful for these things. I am more here to say, it brings me joy if I have ever done this for you. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to make a small gesture brighten your day. However, I am not opposed to requesting you pay it forward. Write your coworker a positive note, smile at a stranger, ask the grocery store cashier “How are you?”, write ‘Thank you” on your waitress’s bill. Show people our best love is handed out a little bit at a time. Grand gestures are flashy and fun. Let’s be honest, to do that all the time would be exhausting.

As you gather around for Thanksgiving, and maybe pile mashed potatoes on your plate too, smile because our everyday graces exist. The existence of these things make us who we are. Who you are is the best thing you can be.

Happy Thanksgiving



I Will Always Melt in The Wake of Your Smile

No matter the amount of tears you bring to my eyes, the amount of hurt you unintentionally plant in my heart, your smile is what defeats me the most.

The irony of this story is, I no longer get to witness your smile. I am no longer the source of it. That alone breaks me down. You see, I am wholeheartedly defeated by you. Bitterness consumes that fact that I do not cultivate your infectious smile.

As any bashful confident grin graces your face I simply melt.

From the moment we met your smile is what captured my heart and soul. Like a trap set by a hunter, I was caught off guard. Surprised by the world I found within your eyes and behind that smile.

You are a novel of well crafted pages. I want to write between the lines and highlight my favorite parts. Confidence is not foreign to you. I will forever admire that. As your lips curl up to crack a smile your face lights up. I have never seen such expressive eyes. That look on your face brings me joy especially if I am the culprit of it. I would do anything to experience that every day. For all the joy it cultivates within me, it also leaves me breathless.

How could something so simple overcome me completely?

It is like a spell has been cast over me. With one flash of that grin I am out of commission. It is as though words won’t hurt me. Ignoring me will only go so far. But that smile, oh that smile will break me down. I could be angrier than a bull at you, but let me tell you a secret, all you have to do is smile. It is my biggest kryptonite. It fills me in a way words don’t exist for. I get butterflies. The good kind. The ones that flutter around like sunshine, soft and sweet, ready for adventure.

Just the thought of your happiness makes me giggle like a little school girl. Your smile illustrates the love and passion within your heart. It brings to life all the good within you. On the outside you are a strong man with so much to give this world. Yet, on the inside there is a sweet, playful little boy joyful beyond belief. That little boy comes to life as you smile. I need to see that little boy everyday. I need to be around his infectious nature; your infectious nature.

You should know your smile is like a reliable old friend, like permanent ink on a page, it will never go away and it will always knock me out of the park.

Our relationship may have changed, but one thing will never change.

No matter what, I will always melt in the wake of your smile.

I will always melt in the wake of your smile.


Just when I think I’ve had enough, it happens, I give into my weakness. My kryptonite gets the best of me. I try to mask it like a junkie using again. I relapse. I pull your sweatshirt out of my closet. I listen to Last Kiss by Taylor Swift on repeat. Sometimes the tears come, sometimes the anger comes, and sometimes I smile.

The relapsing begins as I pull your sweatshirt out of my closet…

You see, it still smells like you. It smells like comfort. It smells like home. It smells like exactly where I want to be. I put it on and flash back to the night you gave it to me. In reality, I wish I could wear it every day. I know that would just be my own personal form of torture. I think part of the reason I still have it is because our story is not over yet. If God decided we were done it would be back in your closet. For some unknown reason it is still part of my wardrobe. Still here to remind me of you. All of you that I cannot let go of. If I ever give it back to you I will know I am moving on for good. For now, each time I catch a glimpse of it, I cannot help but think, “Sweet boy, I am going to win you back.”

The relapsing continues as I search for you…

It is incredible the amount of people that drive the exact truck as you. When one passes by I cannot help but search for your bumper stickers in hopes of it actually being you. Even though I don’t know what I would do if it was. I still look for it to be parked in familiar places. I have subconsciously trained myself to search for you like Where’s Waldo on a story book page. I catch myself hopelessly staring out the window with no conscious effort purposely put forth. I know good and well the slim odds of you appearing. With no excuse except, I cannot help myself. When it comes to you, I cannot help myself. I cannot help myself.

Next the relapse moves to our words…

When there is a story I love, I read it over and over again. I underline my favorite sentences. I highlight paragraphs that are important to me. The story I love most, is ours. I will always cherish how we met. It’s my favorite memory of us. I catch myself reading over our old texts. I find myself giggling and blushing all over again. If only I could gain that feeling back in real time. Then I remember the disappointment of unanswered texts and rescheduled plans. I bring up your number to send you a text. I type what I want to say then immediately delete it like the thought never occurred. Unsaid words haunt me.

Then the relapse consumes the places I go…

I drive past familiar places. The place we met, the bowling alley, the movie theater all holding memories of us. A montage of those memories plays over and over in my mind. Just when I think I can walk into those places without you on my mind I prove myself wrong. I don’t want the risk of creating new memories in those places without you. I avoid them. I pulled into the parking space I parked in the very first time we went out. Dejavu had never been so strong. My breath stopped for a moment. I recalled what I wore. What you wore. Every emotion from that night came rushing back to me. I fought back tears.

Next come the questions…

When will moving on not feel like I am accepting defeat? When will the day come that the first thing I do every morning isn’t checking your social media? As though you can sense me staring at your profile. I’m waiting for the moment I can say, “I want your happiness even if that means it’s without me.” I don’t want you to be unhappy. Right now, I’m bitter and selfish. You were so easily mine. At the same time, you were so easily heartbreak.

I write about you daily. If I was a musician one could say I am still writing songs about you. Songs my heart wants to share. It’s like I am waiting for you to show up at my door and say, “I choose you.” It’s like I am waiting for you to relapse.

I Gave Up Social Media for A Week

This is something I have been toying with for about a month or so now. I have found myself consumed by social media in an unhealthy way. I no longer feel as though social media is adding to my life in a positive way. I am finding myself posting things just in hopes of certain people liking them. Then I am disappointed when they don’t. I am seeking some sort of attention that even I am unsure of what I want. Then I am intentionally seeking out others profiles. I creep in hopes of who knows what. Like staring at their profile for the tenth time that day will make them think of me. My creeping just brings me hurt. I see something I don’t want to see and I get upset. I had to stop. Cut myself off for at least a week.

Each day I wrote down my thoughts for that day…

Day 1: 10/17/17

I woke up this morning and finally made myself do this. No opening of any app. Let the little red bubbles of notifications sit. I didn’t write a Facebook status or tweet, “Hey y’all see you soon. Time for a cleanse. I’m signing off of social media for a week.” like I’m going on a cruise and won’t have internet. I didn’t feel the need to announce to the world my choice. That almost defeats the purpose. I feel as though people who actually interact with me daily will reach out to me in other ways. We don’t need social media to communicate. If they are truly an important person who cares about me, they will reach out in other ways than Snapchats or Instagram likes.

Day 2: 10/18/17

When I wake up in the morning usually the first thing I do is reach for my phone. One, because it’s my alarm. Two, to check social media while I am waking up. This morning I turned off my alarm but that’s it. I scrolled through to my apps in habit to open them. I kept to my will power and didn’t open any of them. It got me out of bed quicker because I was not sitting there reading through tweets, tapping through snap stories, or double tapping Instagram pics. I went to dinner with friends tonight. There were a few times I picked up my phone in habit but I sat it down pretty quickly. Eventually I stopped picking it up. It gave me more of an opportunity to live in the moment and enjoy their company.

Day 3: 10/19/17

Not checking social media before I get in the shower was not as much of a struggle this morning. However, at work I keep reaching for my phone out of habit. I pick it up to check Facebook, or Twitter, or Instagram. I don’t open them up but I am having a difficult time of  knocking the habit of constantly reaching for my phone. This evening I was at an event. I left my phone in my purse pretty much the entire night. Not having it on me brought to my attention just how much other people are on their phone. It didn’t bother me that other people were, I was just more observant of it.

Day 4: 10/20/17

Today was the first day I felt like I missed out on something not being on social media the past few days. As I logged into Spotify on my work computer I realized many of my favorite artists like Taylor Swift and Kelsea Ballerini released new singles. I did not know this was happening because it would have been announced on Twitter or Instagram or Facebook. Obviously, I still found out about the new songs. It was a nice little surprise when I opened Spotify. I am also finding that these are things I would usually tweet about or put in my Snapchat/Instagram stories. Honestly, I don’t feel like I am missing out on anything by not doing that. Yes it is fun for me but I don’t feel incomplete because I am not sharing anything about it through those platforms.

Day 5: 10/21/17

It’s Saturday so I get to sleep in. I woke up this morning and all of me wanted to check my social medias. For some reason this morning has been the hardest to resist. Part of it is because I don’t have to immediately get out of bed to go somewhere. I have time to relax and that’s usually when I check social media. Also, Penn State plays today and I really want to see everything going on with that. I have friends going to the game and I want to see what they are doing. Staying away from watching their snap stories will be tough for me today.


I caved…

I gave into my will power and I opened Snapchat. I don’t regret doing this but I was not immediately gratified upon opening the app. I enjoyed it yes but I am unsure of what I was expecting to feel. This lead me to open Instagram. Let me tell you, not being on Instagram for four days will give your thumb a workout once you decide to scroll through that feed again. At this point, I decided to just stop my hiatus. I realized deleting social media as a whole wasn’t the fix I need. What I needed was to sort through the content I follow. I believe a full 7 day detox wasn’t necessary for me to realize this.

What I Learned Overall:

1 – There are some people I used to speak to all the time but now we only view each others lives though the tinted glass of social media. What had been the most difficult is not getting any glimpse at their life. I am well aware that glimpse is an edited one. For some reason I would rather have an edited glimpse than nothing at all. It also highlights the fact that we don’t speak and in reality that is what hurts me the most. It illustrates that if I want a person to be a constant in my life I need to tell them that. Or even the fact that they could just as easily reach out to me.

2 – All week, I did things that I would usually post about. Not being able to post about them has made me reevaluate and think, “Is this something people really want to see?” “Why is it important I post this?” I am going to continue to ask myself these questions moving forward.

3 – It wasn’t necessarily social media as a whole that was upsetting me. It was how I was choosing to interact with it. After my four and a half days hiatus I filtered through who I was following and unfollowed a lot of pages. These pages were ones I just scrolled past anyway to see the content of my friends and family. I unfollowed celebrities, clothing stores, bloggers, and basically anyone I don’t know.

Overall, I am glad I did this. I learned something about myself and I was able to make social media something I enjoy again.

Leap of Faith

In a spirit of writing honestly and unapologetically, there is a guy I am undoubtedly hung up on. It is not uncommon to hear that relationships are all about timing. To a point, I cannot argue with that. Part of me cannot help but wonder “Maybe that will finally be our time. Maybe that will be when timing is on our side.” Most of me knows waiting around gets you nowhere. It just hurts you. It closes you off to other opportunities.

I am all about second chances though. But, I can’t place an ad in his local paper in all caps advertising “SECOND CHANCE AVAILABLE HERE.” It is something he has to want too. No matter how much it hurts to see him with another girl while I’m still hopelessly standing on home plate.

If our time ever comes. Who is going to jump first? I need to know 100% he is all in; ready to play the next inning. I know I will be.

I keep flashing back to that night, that last time we saw each other. I haven’t stopped thinking about him since that day. Replaying it like Full House reruns in my head. Just like him, that night was unforgettable. Unforgettable and unexpected. It gave me answers to old questions, while simultaneously writing a list of new questions. The answers given to me felt right. Felt like things were finally coming full circle. Yet those words haven’t been repeated or revisited since that day.

Maybe I am waiting for a sign from the universe. Maybe I am still too scared to jump like a little kid learning to swim underwater for the first time. Maybe I am hoping one day he will jump without any hesitation. But who knows, maybe he waited for me to do the same and I never did.

I am not going to lie, after we saw each other that night, I thought we had a fighting chance. I thought the delay between the bottom of the first and the top of the second was finally over. You see I never stopped wanting him. I still haven’t. I truly have never met someone I get along with so well. I have tried my hardest to get over him with many unsuccessful attempts in tow. Maybe I just don’t want to. If you could hear my thoughts you would hear a constant echo of his name. If you could read my mind it would be a space graffitied with his name. This is not the type of graffiti that is easily painted over and left unnoticed to the naked eye.

He is pitching to a different home plate again. Don’t get me wrong, I want him to be happy. Who am I to wish someone otherwise?

I used to think I needed to take a leap of faith towards him. Express to him all my thoughts bottled up inside. Lay it all out on the table like betting all in during a game of black jack. Someone can’t act on feelings if they don’t know they exist. Now I’m starting to think maybe I need to take that leap of faith in the other direction. Dive into the world of moving on, getting over, and letting go. Free myself from the jail located in the of capital heartbreak USA. If I do not give myself permission to heal, I never will. I have no doubt he will live on in my words forever. But it might be time I take away the square footage he is renting in my heart. End his lease and evict what doesn’t feel at home anymore.

There are no guarantees in life. Nothing will solidify a second change will knock on our doors. Nothing will guarantee we will both want it. No flashing neon sign saying jump now. A notification won’t pop up on my phone telling me exactly what to do. No guarantees he and I will ever be on the same page again. There is a time for hope and a time for letting go. Two directions for which I must eventually choose one. Right now I am frozen unable to divulge down a road following my ultimate choice. Each outcome is unknown. That’s terrifying alone. I’m stuck at the enter of a crossroads. Physically and mentally I cannot make a choice. For now maybe I will blame it on my indecisiveness. That might just be an excuse but it’s an excuse I’m willing to live with.

Gab as of 6/12/17

I have become too wrapped up in writing something beautiful, I don’t just write what is happening. I become obsessed with creating words that people might quote and write down in their journals. When maybe I should simply write about life. Try to not make every heartache and misfortune sound like gold.

Writing a life update is something I have never used this space for. I guess I have always figured those who are active in my life are those who need to know it’s most intimate details. They know all the important stuff and all the little things. Also, I don’t understand why people would just want to read about my day to day life. Could I really be that interesting? Then again, maybe what we all need is a peer we can relate to.

My mind has been moving a lot lately and I want to try something new. I have a lot of content in the works, yet it’s not quite ready to be shared. Until then, I am going to give you an update on my life. Just a little bit of what’s up with Gab.

Like I said, I always find it uncomfortable to write a “life update” because I do not believe people want to read about my daily life. If you are that person I suggest you stop reading here. If not, thanks for sticking it out over the next paragraphs.

When I give people writing advice, I always say, “Write what you know.” Honestly, who do you know better than yourself. My next words will be the result of me taking my own advice.

You might be wondering why the date in the title is 6/12/17 when clearly our calendar now plants us in the month of September. June was three months ago. Gab you know time travel isn’t real. It just so happens that on June 12, 2017 I took the LSAT. If you are unsure what that is, it’s an evil little (big) thing required to apply to Law School; the dreaded Law School Admissions Test. The single handed worst part of applying to law school. Trust me my friends, no one finds it fun. No one finds it easy.

I was probably about 16 when the idea of being a lawyer floated around in my brain. At the start of college in the Fall of 2011, that was the goal. Get my undergrad in Political Science and jump right into Law School four years later. I’ll save you the details, but that didn’t happen. Great, now that we have that established…why now?

Last week while waitressing, I had an out of town customer truly curious about me. Who am I? What do I do? What do I want? I gave him my basic summarized life story. You know, high school, college, professional career…the boring stuff. I never caught this man’s first name but I wish I would have so I could thank him by name. You’re probably wondering what I need to thank him for? Even though I told him about myself with my normal bubbly amount of enthusiasm he could tell there was a slight undertone of unhappiness. He could tell I wanted more. He then asked me a simple question, “When you were 18, a freshman just beginning college, what did you picture yourself doing?” My response, “Law school.”

As I said it aloud, a concrete stillness overcame me. This man was not looking for a BS answer. He wanted the cold honest truth. The moment I spoke those words I realized I am doing the right thing. Prior to that moment so many times my thoughts echoed uncertainty if following my lost dream of law school was right. Out of nowhere this stranger solidified it for me. This is what I want to thank him for. He didn’t know me. He didn’t know I was searching for a sign. God placed him in my life that night to show me he works in mysterious ways. He presents himself after we’ve been asking to do so but not in the way we request. He shows up in the way we didn’t know we needed him.

I sit writing this post on the brink of submitting my first law school application. I sip on a cup of slightly bitter lukewarm coffee with a new found confidence. Am I currently working a job that doesn’t fulfill me? Yes. Am I mending a mosaic broken heart? Yes. Am I struggling with a sense of independence because I don’t have an apartment to call my own? Yes. Do I know I am on my way to where life is supposed to take me? Absolutely. And, my friends, that is the best part. That is what keeps me moving forward.

IMG_0118This is a picture my mom insisted taking of me as I left to take my LSAT at Penn State. I wore that Penn State shirt for good luck because it is my first choice law school. At the time I was slightly annoyed but humored my mom as she snapped my picture. Now I’m so glad she did. I feel as though it represents the beginning of a new chapter in my life.

I vividly remember the day I signed up for the LSAT in the middle of my work day. I stopped what I was doing and registered. At the time I was angry. Angry at a boy. It sounds silly as I write it but, it’s true. Angry at a situation I had little control over. I was craving something I had complete control over. Other factors contributed to my decision but that anger was the final straw. I am still searching for closure over that anger. However, one silver lining I have is that it forced me to push myself. Push myself towards step one of a goal. Only I have control over submitting my applications. Only I have control over deciding what school to attend. Only I have control over all of the effort I put forth in law school. That is something no one can take away from me.

If you made it this far in my post, you’ve made it to the end. Here is the part where I say thank you. Every time I share a post I conclude with – as always, thank you for reading. That is exactly how I will conclude this. It means the world to me that you take the time out of your life to read about mine.

XOXO – Gabriella (as of 6/12/17)