I’m Not Falling, Just Reminiscing

Do you ever imagine situations in your head the way you want them to play out? I do. We all day dream about unexpectedly running into a certain someone. We make up little stories and imagine what it will be like the next time we run into an old friend or an ex boyfriend. We will be at the grocery store or maybe walking down the street, look up and all the sudden they will be standing in front of us. Of course we will be dressed perfectly too. We will exchange perfect words and eventually go our separate ways.

Let’s be honest those encounters never turn out any way we think they will. Or, truly any way we want them to.

We have in our heads our perfect reaction to seeing them. We have perfectly planned out dialogue. What we will say, what they will say dictated with not a word out of place.

Then, it actually happens.

You hear a voice and think “Oh my gosh, I’d recognize that voice anywhere.” Out of the corner of your eye you catch a glimpse of that face you would find like Waldo in the largest of crowds. Standing feet away is that exact person, your person. The one you play the scenario of seeing over and over again in your head.

After all is said and done, of course it did not play out how you imagined it would.

That is what makes us human. We must face that we cannot always control our emotions. We see a person smile and remember it is what attracted us to them in the first place. Or, maybe it was their laugh and hearing that again fills your heart. Or, the way they lean over to whisper in the ear of the person next to them. Or, watching them glance around and pick at the callouses on their hands. Then you remember that is one of their nervous habits. Every little thing you once loved about them is displayed live in front of you once again.

For me, after not seeing a person for 10 months I imagined I would drop what I was holding and just stare at them. Honestly, I even thought I would cry. I knew I would not know when I would see him next and be taken aback by his presence.

I was right.

It happened to me just last week.

I found myself hiding my face and trying to control my shaking hands because there he stood feet away from me. Just like that every feeling I ever felt for him came flooding back to me like the gates of a dam just broke and water uncontrollably rushed through. Just like that we exchanged a wave like we barely knew each other. You can’t help but wonder, ‘How did we get here?” A person who was once my favorite human to see now waves to me like we barely know each other. Then by chance I got to talk to him. As I looked him in the eyes and watched his smile light up his face, I felt hooked once again. Simultaneously, I recalled all the other things, all the reasons we are practically now strangers. Would I have changed this encounter for the world? Absolutely not. As silly as it may seem, after all was said and done, I ultimately felt so much joy getting to see him.

As I was telling my best friend about seeing him, I said to her, “Boy oh boy that smile. I forgot about it.” If you have read any of my other writing you may know by now, I’ll always melt in the wake of a someone’s smile. That smile belongs to him. My friend said to me, “Don’t fall for the smile! Nick Jonas has a nice smile too!” I laughed. I can’t argue that, of course Nick Jonas has a nice smile too. What I said in return was, “I’m not falling just reminiscing.” Low and behold that is the honest truth. It made me happy to reminisce on all the times I was a witness to that smile, all the times I was the cause of that smile. It brought the good kind of tears to my eyes. It made me realize I can’t wait until I feel that way again.

Reminisce my friends, recall all the good times someone gave you. Remember all the adventurous things you did together. Even if your relationship ended in hurt, what once was claimed beauty and meaning. Do not fear the next time you will run into that person, revel in it. The reason you feel that way is because of history. History between two people makes things simply complicated. Use that history to your advantage. Give yourself permission to turn any situation into one you appreciate. You don’t have to give up imagining situations in your head. Just know that however a situation plays out is exactly what you need at that time.


How do you miss

Ask yourself, how do you miss?

Do you ever think about someone so much you don’t even realize you are thinking about them? Have you ever missed someone so much that you forget why you are missing them?

I sit here and think “I hope there are things that remind him of me too.” It seems as though everywhere I go, everything I do, redirects me to his memory. Even things we have no connection to make me think of him. Maybe it’s because they are all things I think he will like or things I want to tell him about.

The thing is, I can’t. I can’t tell him. I mean I suppose I could. Where would that leave me? Not in a good place. A text – “This made me think of you” might as well just say, “I miss you.” Ultimately, that wouldn’t be a lie but it also wouldn’t be the truth story I want to tell right now.

They say it’s simple, if you miss someone tell them. Yet it remains one of the most scary simple actions life can hold. When I miss someone I search for things to fill that void. I listen to songs with lyrics that paint a picture of my feelings. I go to yoga classes as a release of everything pent up inside me. I read a book and relax in a bubble bath. I continue to live my life but nothing completely fills my void. Time, time helps I suppose.

When you miss someone, it never fails that you run into their friends. Awkward hellos are exchanged and you can’t help but ask, “How are they?” You’ll ask anyone you can about that person, but you’ll never ask them directly. Then, maybe months since that last time you’ve seen or talked to that person and you’re asking a mutual friend about them you hear something you really didn’t want to hear. It hits you like a rock; your stomach drops like you’re falling on a roller coaster. You don’t know what to do next. A night’s sleep seems like the first best thing. It turns out that is just what you needed. You can’t unhear what you heard but somehow it’s the first puzzle piece in freeing you. Suddenly you have given yourself permission to let go of something you have been holding on to so tightly. You let the pieces slip through your fingers and fall where they may never knowing if they’ll be given the chance to be put back together again. Even if you peel them off the floor one day they’ll never mend back together the way they once were. You have given yourself permission to move on.

As much as you hate to admit it, moving on is something you’ve wanted to do for a long time. You found yourself not holding on to a person rather holding on to an idea of a person. In your head, you were living an alternative life with who you wanted them to be. Moments were playing out in day dreams that you unwilling knew would never become a reality.

As reality has it, you’ll always care about this person. I think we all have a name that comes to mind when we hear that previous sentence. I, myself, hold it to be true. That person will always be a part of me. There are things I will continually thank them for and moments between us I never want to relive. I know I will care about them because that’s just who I am. That is how I miss. If I miss you, I care about you. I may never tell you those three simple words. That is my own tragedy I choose to live. Maybe that is me letting fear drive the car or maybe that is me hoping you’ll be the one to say them first. Truthfully I believe there to be underlying beauty in all of that.

Driving While Intoxicated

I recently purchased a new car. It was one of those moments where I felt like a true adult. After signing my life away through a stack of papers, I drove away with something all mine. You know that feeling of independence when you finally pass your drivers license test? Multiply that times at least 1000 and you have a fraction of the joy I felt.

Cars are so easily defined as a vessel to get us from point A to point B. They are viewed as just another thing for us to pour endless amounts of money into. Fill the gas tank, empty the gas tank, just like washing your hair lather, rinse, repeat – it’s a never ending cycle. We put so much time and effort into our cars.

Do we ever reflect on what they give to us?

Although cars are very technical in nature, they have heart. They are a memory bank. A book full of letters we unintentionally write to ourselves. Our cars see the most raw versions of who we are. We are not afraid of authenticity when sitting in our cars. In a lifetime, the average person spends 37,935 hours driving a car. That’s an average of 17,600 minutes a year. That is a lot of time. We drive to work, school, the grocery store, the bar, concerts, our best friends house, the mall, the gym, the park, and sometimes we drive with no intention.  

Cars are so much more than a means of transportation from point A to point B. They are everything in between. The day before purchasing my new car, as I cleaned out my old Hyundai named Eugene, memories came flooding back to me. I threw away receipts and found old polaroid photos. There were empty water bottles and quarters under the seat. Grains of sand embedded in the carpet lingered from my summer adventures. That white blazer I’ve been looking for for months was hiding in the trunk. A whole life of a 24 year old girl confined to a moving piece of metal.

Driving our cars is intoxicating. No, I am not talking about drinking and driving. (Seriously, y’all get  a DD) We are driving around intoxicated by the words and smiles and laughter and tears and memories frozen forever in time within our cars.

If walls could talk, the walls of our cars would tell us never ending stories of life, of our daily graces. Let me tell you, my car has seen my absolute best and my absolute worst. My car could easily be considered a full time concert venue. May my inner dashboard drummer and steering wheel pop star live on until I am at least 80. My car also takes on the role of my therapist. Tears have been shed in that car. Oh my have tears been shed. Honestly, there is no better place to cry alone than in your car. Some of my most intimate conversations have been between the drivers and passenger windows. Phone calls with exciting news and trembling voices still echo within its confinement.

Think of other people’s cars as well. Whose passenger seat have you become familiar with? Who have you watched laughing from the passenger side? There have been times I have slid across the fabric of a seat, buckled my seat belt, and at that moment I did not want to be anywhere else in the world. I have climbed into a silver truck with camo seat covers. I kissed a boy in said truck. I was a giddy girl falling in love in said truck. I have jumped into a red Nissan to share sprinkle covered ice cream cones with my best friend. The leather passenger seat of my mom’s minivan moved me into college. It escorted me to cheerleading practices and my brother’s soccer games. That same van took me to and from my brother’s funeral. Our cars guide us through life’s biggest moments – the ugly and the pretty. Now my new car will lead me headfirst into a new journey.

Metaphorically and physically my new car will take me to places new and places old. I don’t know what some of those places are yet and some I know like the back of my hand. As the count on my odometer increases my heart will fill with intentions and good vibes. Life has this way of leading us down an unpredictable road. Please don’t say your car never gave you anything. While we are in our cars from Point A to Point B – the in between passenger seats and dashboard drumming will keep our hearts beating and our feet chasing pavement.

Is now a good time?

As a writer I am always looking for new topics to write about. I need something that invites you to come back again and again. My dear friend Jacqui recently sent me a video on timing. She suggested it could possibly be inspiration for my next blog post.

 – Cheers to you Jacqui – my following words are because of you –

I have been writing this blog for quite some time now. For about three and a half years, I have been sharing my words with you. I have written down my thoughts and laid down my heart like playing cards within the confines of this space. With each piece I write, I always want there to be resolution. I purposely write with resolution. I want there to be a tangible takeaway for my readers.

Today I am going to write about timing. Timing is a funny thing. It is not the hilarious class clown kind of funny. It is the mysterious odd kind of funny.

It is this peculiar thing that I cannot write about with resolution. It is an unknown the universe uses to keep us on our toes. Granted there are some things about time that are concrete. There are 7 days in a week, and 24 hours in a day, and 60 minutes in an hour, and 60 seconds in a minute. Recipes tell us how much time to cook something. Dentists tell us how long to brush our teeth. Maps tell us the distance to our destinations.

One thing you will quickly learn about me is that I inherently believe there is purpose behind each person I meet. I believe they have been placed in my life for a reason. I don’t think it is by chance. The unknown of this is, why did I meet them when I did? In that specific time in my life, why was it necessary they walked in? These are the questions we ask as a result of the unknowns of timing.

What are your thoughts on timing?

Do you believe it is magical?

Do you hate it’s guts?

There is the age old tale of meeting the right person at the wrong time. Time and time again I have convinced myself of it’s truth. In the past year, I met a boy. When I say I met a boy, I mean I met a boy unlike any boy I’d ever met before. He took my world and turned it upside down. I broke my rules for this boy. I did anything and everything to even just catch a glimpse of him. This was new to me. No boy had ever paid this much attention to me. No boy had ever meshed with me so well. Never once in my life had this been a reality. I quickly thought to myself – “This is why nothing had ever worked out with anyone else before.” The timing of living at home and working a new job led me to this boy. Time was on my side for a chance. That was the moment in my life where I finally felt like it was my turn. All of the “I’ll meet the right person when I’m supposed to.” thoughts were coming true. As quickly as it came together – it fell apart even quicker. Timing betrayed me. It dangled in front of me exactly what I wanted just to snatch it away. Like a claw machine fishing for a toy, it slipped through my fingers. Unlike one of those machines I cannot insert another quarter and play again until I win.

Months have passed since then and I am still battling time. After tears and laughs and reflection I have concluded that – he is not meant to be in my life right now. The boy he is right now, is not the boy who God wants me to know. Here is where – sometimes you meet the right person at the wrong time – comes into play. When he is meant to be a constant in my life (if ever) he will be. This logic applies to all relationships – romantic or otherwise.


With every good argument comes a counter argument… Sometimes, the “so called” wrong time is all we get.

We have to ask ourselves – is timing something you make the best of?

Many say people will make time for you if they want to. If you are important to them, they make that evidently clear. Think about it – think of the most important people in your life. I have confidence in saying they’re aware they are important to you and you do whatever it takes to keep them around. This is a two way street my friend. People saying nothing is just as powerful as them saying everything. If they don’t make it clear you’re important to them – heartbreakingly – you just might not be. That is a tough reality to swallow. This is where my mind jumps to the boy and thinks – “If he wanted me in his life he would tell me.” Again, this logic applies to all relationships – romantic or otherwise.

Do you see the conundrum timing has given us?

Think of all the people we meet in passing. Think of the travelers we meet in airports and sit next to on airplanes. Maybe that five minutes with them is all we will ever get. Maybe they will be around for years to come. Instant answers to these questions do not exist. Ironically the only thing that will give us answers is time.

I think Jacqui put it best – “I always liked to believe if it’s the wrong time, it’s the wrong guy. And if it is in fact your person, he’ll circle back. The true circle of life, a winding effin maze.”

We also have to face that facts that we may never get answers. I cannot back up timing with an abundance of answers. I cannot define reasons why we meet those we do. Do I believe there is purpose in timing? – Yes I do. Do I ever lose faith in it? – All the time.

I told you I would not be able to end this post with resolution.

I can only have faith that time knows what it is doing.

Oh Valentine’s Day 

Valentine’s Day, yep it is that time of year again. You either love it or you hate it. Take my Uncle for example, he was born on Valentine’s Day, it is safe to assume he likes it. I on the other hand, I am not overly enthused with it. Let me tell you, I love to celebrate things. When I say celebrate things I mean nearly everything. I got the tight lid off the peanut butter jar, I am going do a little dance. I successfully organized my agenda or finished a new book. More dancing. So yeah, of course, I love holidays. This holiday has yet to prove to me I need it in my life. I don’t highlight February 14th in my agenda with my cute pink highlighter. I’d prefer to black it out with a super permanent sharpie. Heck I’d be ok with skipping the whole month of February in general.

I am about to sound like a bitter single girl. I am also about to go all girl power/independent woman on you. I have always wanted to write about Valentine’s Day. The words that follow are my thoughts and feelings I feel compelled to share at this moment. I want someone else to know I am in their corner fighting along with them. I want to connect with at least one reader about this so called “holiday.” All my single ladies this is for you.

To all my bitter single girls: We don’t have to like Valentine’s Day. It is cool if you want to paint your nails black instead of pink. We all don’t have a cute beau to spend this day with. No one is sending us flowers. No one is showering us with chocolates.

Instead I am over here writing about being single. A solid 24 years of being nothing but single. Yeah I know, it has it’s pros and cons. Well say hello to freaking con numero uno – freaking Valentine’s Day. A yearly reminder of being in a relationship or being single. My preferred name for it, singles awareness day.

So here we are, all my single ladies get in formation. Yes, I just used a Beyoncé reference and I don’t even like Beyoncé. See what this holiday does to me. Yeah, yeah, yeah I know – suck it up, it is only one day a year. I know I am bitter but whatever. I don’t have to like it. Here are a few reasons why.

For the past 24 years of my life, I have been valentine-less. No cute boy over here sending me flowers. No delicious box of chocolates from a secret admirer. Heck no cute boy at all. (Okay, once in 8th grade an anonymous source sent me a red teddy bear. If you’re reading this, I never did find out who you were.) To be fair, here is where I need to give my dad some credit. He does get me half a dozen pink roses every year. He even had them sent to my dorm room when I was in college. He makes sure they find their way to me, no matter my location. Yeah, I know, he rocks. I am not here to write about my dad though. Also to clarify, I used to post pictures of those flowers on social media. I wanted people to see the flowers. Yet, I never said they were from my dad. Part of me wanted all my social media peeps to be left in the dark. I wanted it to be a mystery of who sent me those roses. I didn’t want to admit that for another year I was Valentine-less.

Why? I don’t know. I don’t know if even I can answer that fully. Did I find it embarrassing that the only person who ever sent me flowers was my dad? Maybe. Did I just want people to sense an aire of mystery? Did I want them to wonder who could have possibly sent me those? To this day I am unsure of my intentions. Maybe I was just bitter that my life was not fitting into the social norm of Valentine’s Day. I was not hopelessly in love with the perfect boy with the perfect hair, the perfect eyes, and the even more perfect personality.

February 14th of every year, I tell my self – ” HEY, you DON’T need no man.” I know that stands true. The only person that controls my happiness is myself. I am fully aware a healthy relationship stems from two people truly content with themselves coming together. When my feet are planted where they are meant to be in life, God will place the right person in my life or shine a spotlight on one that has been here all along. If you regularly read my blog, you know my take on a boyfriend vs. a witness to my life. I know there is nothing wrong with wanting a man in my life. I simultaneously know that is not what defines me.

At a fairly young age I gained an abundance of self confidence. I accepted myself for who I was and understood the best people in my life stuck around to know the genuine me. My genuine self has evolved throughout the years. My likes and dislikes have changed. I have grown into the 24 year old woman I am today. Life was not always unicorns and rainbows. I definitely faced some struggles along the way. For as confident as I am, one little thing, one little voice in my head, always seems to counteract a percentage of that confidence. When all of my friends in high school were asked by boys to prom, the person buying my wrist corsage was my mom. There was no football player asking me to wear his jersey on game day. The first time I was asked to a dance by a boy, I was a junior in high school. I felt so late to the game. I somehow managed to hold onto some sliver of hope. I rationalized why no one asked me and why I hadn’t had a first date. I managed to accept what I had and what I did not. I can’t admit that it didn’t hurt. I can’t admit I didn’t wonder what was so wrong with me that boys didn’t pay attention to me. Then came college, I thought to myself, this is a fresh start. An opportunity to keep consistent what I wanted to and change what didn’t feel right. That became a reality for some things, but not for others. After four years of college, still no valentine in sight. I am now writing this nearly three years after graduation. You guessed right, still no Valentine.

Each year, as February comes and goes, I can’t help but think, well there is always next year. A lot can happen in a years time. Next year my circumstances will be different. Next year, I will want to celebrate Valentine’s day. Here I am in February of 2018 with Valentine’s Day a few slashes away on a calendar. I didn’t write everything prior to this to suddenly yell ‘surprise’ this year I have a valentine. I clearly do not. Nor do I predict one popping up within the next few days. I like to be realistic.

The more I write, the more I realize I think I need to share this next thought the most. There is a reason I am yet to have a valentine. To put it honestly, there is a reason I have never had a boyfriend. I don’t know it, but God does. – At 24 that is not something I enjoy openly admitting to. However, a goal of this post is to be open, raw, and honest. It is hard not to feel embarrassed when admitting it. Part of the reason I need to share it is so that others in the same boat do not feel alone. Feeling alone sucks. I thrive on being independent but not on being lonely. There is a difference between them. Being independent means you are comfortable with taking life head on as yourself. When I started writing this, I said people either love or hate this holiday. I think those who hate it, feel alone. I have been there. While other aspects of my life are filled to the brim – other things seem to have the gas tank empty light permanently lit. I feel like there is this invisible wall surrounding my love life that is impossible to scale. Maybe it is a maze I can’t get out of and others can’t get in. Sometimes I even feel like there is a flashing neon sign above my head that says “undatable.”

Whatever it is, I cannot figure it out. It would be silly to say that is not frustrating. I love challenges, but I love the ones I can solve the most. This seems to be unsolvable. I do not enjoy it. No one likes stuff they don’t enjoy. The only thing that pushes me forward is hope. Knowing with hope nothing stays the same. Circumstances are bound to change. One day I will look forward to Valentine’s Day because it will resemble a different meaning in my life. Right now I cannot finish this post with a resolution. I cannot just straight up resolve this for myself and others with the snap of my fingers. I can however, make sure I never lose hope of wanting to celebrate Valentines Day in the future. Like I said before, celebrations are kind of my thing.

Until then, I will continue to retweet single girl memes on Twitter. I will continue to buy myself all the chocolate and flowers I want. But, right now I think Valentine’s Day sucks. (Here’s where I’m a bitter single girl) I’m telling you it is okay if you do too.

You Should Always Be Your Own Favorite Person

One of my typical nightly bedtime activities is scrolling aimlessly through twitter. It usually gives a good laugh and is mindless just enough to put me to sleep. I recently read a tweet that said, “Talk about yourself the way you want others to talk about you!! Don’t put yourself down to be self deprecating, you should be your own fave person.”

This girl hit the nail on the head.


The person you should love most is yourself. You cannot fully appreciate others until you appreciate yourself. Lately my writing has been overcome with a tone of heartbreak, letting go, and healing. That is not the core of my being. I didn’t experience that heartbreak because I don’t love myself. I love myself enough to want to share that with another person.

We all deserve the love we so freely give to others. It is so important to remember that I am enough. You are enough. We are all enough.

There is never a poor time to let someone know they matter and who they are is the best thing they can be.

Be good to people for no reason. It costs us nothing to to be kind to others. At the same time, make sure to transfer that kindness to yourself because it costs even less to be kind to yourself.

One of my absolute favorite sayings is “I think it’s intoxicating when someone is apologetically who they are.” I could not have said this better myself. If I want to know you, I want to know the absolute real you. Give me the early mornings pre-coffee and late night phone calls, but also give me everything in between. Tell me the story of how when you’re pitching a baseball game all you can hear from the stands is your mom mumbling under her breath, “Why can’t he throw straight?” Fill my heart with your family’s holiday traditions. I want to know about your day, everything that makes you you. Don’t show me the person Instagram sees. Show me the person your bathroom mirror sees. I am not asking for a filtered version of you. I want the raw uncensored you. Being true to yourself never goes out of style. Who you are is the best thing you can ever be. To show me this person wholeheartedly, you have to love your absolute self.

On top of that, putting yourself down to be self deprecating is not the cool thing to do. Speaking about yourself in such a manner is giving others permission to do so too. You should never give others a reason to treat you that way. Self respect demands respect from others. Loving yourself, self-care, and self-preservation are three of life’s best practices. Make them a constant in your life. Be an example to others that taking care of yourself  is a priority and is fun.

I remember when I hit the age that I no longer thought boys had cooties. All I wanted was the right kind of attention from them. I wanted to be noticed by the cute boys in school. What young girl didn’t? I never got the attention I wanted. I didn’t get asked out on dates. Boys were not lining up to ask me to prom. There wasn’t someone for me to slow dance with. I could have taken this lack of attention in two ways. I could let it defeat me or I could use the opportunity to love myself. I took what I wasn’t getting and channeled my attention into being an independent young woman. I learned that loving myself was the best thing I could do. I learned that if someone didn’t want me for me they weren’t worthy of my time. It was either do this or crumble into a defenseless little girl that defined herself through how others treated her. I told myself, “Gabriella you are never going to be that girl.” I refuse to be that girl to this day. I started in this world with just me and that’s is how I will end in this world.

I learned that being my own favorite person was the best thing I can do for myself. My hope is that you realize this as well. I want you to be your favorite person. I want you to take care of yourself. I don’t want you to live a life of comparison. Promise me you won’t. Your worth is not given to you by others. It is a gift you give yourself. If you want to have healthy relationships you have to love yourself first. Learn to share that authentic person with those that will appreciate everything you are. There is only one you in this world and that if the most beautiful thing about you.

You should always be your own favorite person.

2017 Wrapped

As we transition into a new year, it’s easy to illustrate our past year in numbers. It’s easy to calculate our expectations for the upcoming 365 days. I will be the first to tell you, new years resolutions are a bit cliche in my book. It doesn’t take the beginning of a new calendar year to cultivate a change in your life. Change can be created as soon as you choose to do so. That’s not to say, I don’t enjoy reflecting back on what the past year has given me.

Here are some highlights of my 2017 via social media. The notes and lyrics that traveled through my headphones. My written words that were read most by all of you. If you follow me on Instagram, thanks for the double taps.


I listen to A LOT of music! Music has been and will always be a passion of mine. The fact that 2017 brought us new Ed Sheeran and new Taylor Swift albums makes my heart oh so happy. I discovered Kelsea Ballerini in the summer of 2015. Ever since then she has been the artist that broke me into the genre of county music. We were also graced with a new album from her this year. I recommend giving her song “Get Over Yourself” a good listen. Flor happen to be friends of mine that released their first full length album this year. Shameless plug, go check them out RIGHT NOW. Needless to say my ears were very happy this year.

My most read blog post of 2017 was Ours Was Never Ours. I wish I could fully explain the immense amount of irony behind this. Let’s just say, the person this post is about gave me some of my most beautiful cherished memories of this past year. At the same time, he also gave me a dose of heartbreak I wish upon no one. He taught me so much about myself and others. I will always be proud of myself for the courage it took to share those words with all of you. If you read it, thank you. Thank you so very much. Many would say he doesn’t deserve to be mentioned in this post, I will politely disagree. Maybe that’s my blind optimism to blame. To the boy it’s about, I hope you’re living a life you love. You’ll always be in my heart and you’ll always live on in my words. Thanks for showing me a side of life I never knew until I met you.

Of course I couldn’t sum up 2017 without sharing my top liked Instagram photos. I am most definitely that girl that does it for the gram. (It’s my favorite form of social media) Yes, I am also that girl that abbreviates an obnoxious amount of words. I reached my most liked photo this year. My top nine Instagram photos illustrate some of my favorite things. img_0437Five of  them, are me in a swimsuit…. ok I’ll admit I have an addiction. The pool is most definitely my happy place. Two of them are from my vacation to Florida with my bestie. Of course one is at Disney World. Shout out to my girl Minnie Mouse. I celebrated 24 years this year. It was my golden birthday and that’s archived here. If you liked these or any other of my Insta pics, thanks for double tapping thinking my life is interesting or thinking I look good in a swimsuit. Here’s to hopes of breaking my likes record in 2018!

I mentioned above New Years resolutions really aren’t my thing. However, I am using the start of a new calendar year to make some lifestyle changes of my own. I am now the proud owner of a Lara Casey Cultivate What Matters goal planner. This thing is legit. It features power sheets and is full of authentic inspiration. It’s purpose is to help me cultivate meaningful goals for myself. Anything from drinking more water to managing my finances will be tackled. I cannot wait to dig in and become part of the community behind it. If this sounds like something right for you too, I encourage you check it out. Join this journey with me!

Hopefully 2018 will also bring me the start of law school. From approximately age 16, I have wanted to be a lawyer. In due time, through my own journey, I have finally reached my starting line. Many applications are on their way. That’s all for now on this subject, but I will keep you updated. Who knows this may lead me to a place I don’t know I need to be?

As I sit writing this, I’m sipping on an earl grey crema tea from my favorite local coffee shop. Over the past year, I have become what many would call a regular at Aegis. Part of my weekly routine is popping in to get my dose of caffeine and visit with the welcoming staff. I’d like to say the baristas at Aegis have become friends of mine. It’s so refreshing to walk into a business and always be greeted with an authentic smile. If I need a pick me up or a just a genuine conversation, I go to Aegis. I’ve always wanted to become a regular at a coffee shop. Now that I have, I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

Before this post gets away from me and I write a novels worth of words about 2017, I want to conclude with something for all of you. I want to leave you with a bit of unsolicited advice. Seven things I learned in 2017. Hopefully all of them or even just one will be beneficial to you.

  1. Express your true feelings: If you miss someone tell them. If you love someone tell them. You’ll regret it if you don’t. Unsaid words will haunt you. What’s the worst that could happen? You end up back where you started
  2. There isn’t an expiration date to your dreams: It’s never too late to chase your dreams. Chasing your dreams is one of the scariest things you’ll ever do. Sometimes that’s the part people don’t tell you about. Know that following your dreams in your own time is the best thing you can do. It’s never to late to say yes to step one towards your dreams.
  3. Do things that scare you: Say yes to dates. Change your hair color. Try a new yoga class. Without wanting to say, “step out of your comfort zone” do just that. When we tackle our fears we learn more about ourselves than we’d imagine. Do not let your fears be the compass of your decisions.
  4. Write handwritten notes: A personal touch goes a long way, for job interviews and for friends. If you interview for a new job, send them thank you note after the fact. Trust me, they’ll appreciate it and see the type of candidate you truly are. Also, send your friends just because notes. They’ll love getting it in the mail. Leave kind words on a coworkers desk. Post a sticky note on the fridge for your roommate. It’s a wonderful feeling knowing someone is thinking of you.
  5. Become a regular at a coffee shop: It means you planted roots. Your giving yourself a chance to blossom. Plus, it’s uplifting to walk into a place and feel loved. The baristas knowing your order is also a great perk.
  6. It’s ok to be a hopeless romantic: Don’t settle bc people tell you serendipitous moments aren’t real life. If you want to keep your heart on your sleeve do it. It makes you brave.
  7. No matter the distance true friends will always remain. Many of my best friends live hours and miles away from me. As the saying goes, “apart in distance, but never in heart.” In ways this can make your friendships stronger. People who want to be active in your life we remain so, distance will only be a number to them. Plus, when you finally get to see each other it makes it that much better.

Just like 2017, this blog post is coming to a close. I hope as you look forward to our year ahead you won’t let you mind stop wandering through all life’s possibilities.

Cheers to you! Cheers to 2018!