Every time something has an “About” section, I usually cringe. I find writing a bio about myself to be daunting. However, I like a good challenge.

*Scene* – A petite girl with curly hair, and glasses, that looks like she stepped out of a J Crew/Urban Outfitters collaboration catalog enters the room. (I imagine this is how people view me.)

My twenties are keeping me moving and grooving. Like almost any girl my age, I have an Instagram addiction, hence why I am always on the hunt for the perfect Instagram caption. I change my outfit at least twice a day. On top of that, I enjoy cooking soup, reading a good book, and playing with my cats. Put a good gin and tonic in front of me and I am absolutely going to drink it. The first thing anyone learns about me is that I talk a lot and I love my birthday. If you can’t find me, I would check any and all local concert venues. Plus, I love to smile. Smiling’s my favorite.

As you read my blog, I hope you learn a little bit more about me and little bit more about how awesome life is. I created this blog as an outlet for anything built up inside me. It turns out, I truly enjoy the art of writing. I try to mix it up and write about a variety of topics. Whatever comes to my mind are the words you’ll find here.