If My Instagram Captions Were Honest: Take two

About a year ago, I wrote a post titled “If My Instagram Captions Were Honest” It was some of the most fun I’ve had writing for this blog. Not all writing has to be serious, or meaningful, or prove some great revelation. Sometimes it just needs to be fun and make you laugh.

Let’s be honest, I am an Instawhore. I love Instagram. Like I LOVE Instagram. I have an entire note in my phone dedicated to Instagram captions. (Probably something I shouldn’t openly admit to) If you have a cool, pun worthy last name, watch out I am going to want to make it a caption. You are not safe from my addiction. Also, who are you if you can’t poke fun at your own social media?

Here it goes again. If my Instagram captions were honest, take two.



Original Caption: “My yoga pants finally made it to yoga”

Honest Caption: “I want you to think I’m fit and active but in a hipster way”



Original Caption: “If you think you’re hungry, you might be thirsty. Drink a margarita and see how you feel.”

Honest Caption: “I put makeup on today. Here is a picture of me drinking a cranberry margartia so you can see it.”



Original Caption: “Only having two hands kept me from triple fisting”

Honest Caption: “Butterbeer is sweet af. Oh and one of these is actually Katie’s”



Original Caption: “Waiting on my cabana boy”

Honest Caption: “This swimsuit is new. The boy I’m talking to better like this picture ASAP.”



Original Caption: “WE ARE”

Honest Caption: “I still struggle understanding how downs work. Anyway, Go Penn State.”



Original Caption: “Half posed/half candid”

Honest Caption: “We think drinking spiked Shirley temples makes us cool”



Original Caption: “Fall’d too hard today”

Honest Caption: “I’m as basic in fall as you think I am”



Original Caption: “Flamingo’s are lame” – Said no one ever

Honest Caption: “I want you to be jealous I floated on a giant flamingo”



Original Caption: “Vacation might not have been in my summer plans but living somewhere this pretty helps make up for that”

Honest Caption: “Notice how tan I am”



Original Caption: “Disclaimer: These are not my puppies but I sure wish they were”

Honest Caption: “This picture took approximately 30 takes but was 100% worth it”


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Whoooooo, as always, thanks for reading!


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