Six Years Was Worth The Wait

Six years – the time it took to capture in one picture five others plus myself. These five people have never ceased to make me smile. One of which is my best friend Katie. She’s a true gem. The truest friend I’ve ever had. We know that no matter what we do together, we will always have a good time. Ten years of friendship has proved that. It feels like we met the other four people only yesterday. As reality has it, yesterday is actually six years the latter.

I suppose I should tell you who these other people are. I am going to be writing about them, so I guess knowing their names would be helpful. Zach, McKinley, Dylan,and Kyle are four boys from the pacific north west. Now LA transplants, Oregon is their home state. So how do two girls from central Pennsylvania become friends with four boys from Oregon?

Long story short, they are in a band. That is how and why we met. Music has always held a special place in my heart. It has guided me through many things. Concerts have always felt like home to me. They have been a sanctuary.  I have always held on tight to a dream of working in the music industry. I still hold that dream pretty tightly in my soul. That may not be what I am doing now. But, I know my time will come. Here I am writing to you about a band. Here I am thanking you for reading about people I genuinely care about.

I truly believe each person placed in my life has been done so with a purpose. Friendships bloom for a reason. For greater reason friendships last. Six years ago, my relationship with them fell under the definition of a fan. Today, I consider them my friends. I know the same can be said for Katie. I could tell you many stories and memories I have with these people. That is not what I want to do. I believe some of those memories are meant just for us. But, I do want to share with you the impact people can have on your life. How just being around certain people can make my heart happy. My heart fills up with everything I need at that moment in time.

This past weekend gave me just that, a full heart. Katie and I filled up my little car (named Eugene) with a few too many bags (mostly mine), and we hit the road to Cleveland. I guess you could say we’re concert road warriors. Away we went to see our favorite boys who were playing a show in our neighboring state. We always have expectations for these adventures of ours. And, they always seem to get blown out of the water. Somehow we manage to return home on cloud nine. Getting to hear one of our favorite bands sing live never gets old. As the lights go down, they step on stage, and music notes excite the air it is as though there is no one else is in the room but us and them. For that past six years that has never changed.

That’s not to say, other things have not changed in those six years. In that time span, I started and finished college. I studied abroad. I traveled to new places. I lost a brother. I started my first “big girl” job. I discovered my love for hockey. I can’t speak to every change that has happened in the lives of Zach, McKinley, Dylan, and Kyle. I do know they made a big move from Oregon to Los Angeles. They reinvented their sound. They signed a record deal. They made many easy and difficult decisions to get to where they are now. I am telling to you all of this so I can now illustrate to you what has not changed. We have never stopped being thankful for each other.

Even though our times spent together are usually short lived, they are full of genuine happiness. Pure simple happiness. Our laughs, smiles, and stories, and Instagram picture taking always end with a chorus of thank yous. There hasn’t been a time that it has not been made clear to us they appreciate us traveling to see them. I believe they know we’ll never quit on them. We’ll never stop believing in them. Here I am writing to return every thank you given to us. I don’t know if I say it enough, but thank you boys. Thank you for being a constant ray of light. I know we don’t speak everyday and I am not the first person you tell good news to but you are still ever important to me. During all the events I mentioned above, your music was there holding my hand along the way. There might have been some funny tweets and happy birthday wishes packed in there too. Our long distance friendships have grown and evolved into something oh so special.

What they never knew was, during out of all our time spent together, Katie and I longed for a picture of the six of us together. A still capture of a moment that fills our hearts to the brim. A simple thing resolved with the click of a camera or a tap on an iPhone. If you scroll up, that’s what you’ll see; a moment so special to us paused in eternity. It only took six years to do so, but it was well worth the wait.

At this point, you might be asking me, who are these boys? What band are the in? The name of their band is flor. I don’t need to promote them, their talent does that for them. But, just because I can’t resist, you should listen to them on Spotify. And maybe hit up their social medias while you’re at it: TwitterFacebook, and Instagram.

Some friends are meant to be present in your life every day. Other friends may only appear on occasion throughout the course of a year. No matter what, I hope for six more years of friendship plus many, many more.

Oh and boys, if you’re reading this – I hope you fed Zach today.


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