Don’t Act Surprised, This Happens Every Year

The Master Plan

Every year we act surprised that 365 days have passed. I find that a bit strange. It happens every year of our life. It will never change. What will change, is how we react to it.

Writing a year in review can have many meanings and many purposes. Reflecting on your life can be extremely healthy. Evaluate the good and the bad. What things in your life bring you joy? What things in your life are more trouble then they are worth? Keep the things that bring you joy. Rid yourself of those that do not. A simple concept when written down. The trouble, the trick you see, is taking the concept off the page.

Being objective about a friends life is easy, you are not living it. You see it from the outside. Being objective about your own life however, is not easy. You are the roots of the tree. You cannot see above you which branches are dead and need to be cut off, or which ones will grow immensely with a little extra watering.

As I am writing this, I am curled up on my bed, watching Harry Potter, thinking to myself, ‘Gabriella, don’t just write this, follow your own advice.’ How will I, in a healthy way, accept the past year of my life? How will I take that acceptation, reflect on it, and propel myself forward?

Do I think 2016 was the best year of my life? Definitely not. However, it was a step up from 2015. Where I was mentally, and emotionally a year ago to the day, was far different then where I am now. For starters, I now work two jobs. One being a part-time job I’ve had for 5 years now and love. The other, a new full time, “big girl” job. I am busy. I feel as though, my goals have wandered back into my life. In 2015, I had lost my way. 2016, slowly brought me back to that path. I am ready to fill 2017 with things I have been missing. I will accept what I have and not be angry for what I don’t. Yet, I won’t let myself be defeated because I am not where society says I should be. I will not compare myself to my peers and think ‘Why don’t I have what they have?” Because what I have is who I am. I am not them. I don’t know what struggles they too are facing.

I also find it hard to judge the “best” year of our lives. We are not fortune tellers. We cannot predict the future. How do I know if a 12 month span of time, 4 years from now will be “the best’? I don’t. Maybe that is why, I do my best to live in each moment. Or in the words of one of my favorite writers Hannah Brencher, “Be where your feet are.” With all my power I attempt to be where my feet are. Be alive in each moment of my days.

Last week, I bought a new planner for 2017. The cover of it says “The Master Plan” The irony of it, I don’t know my master plan. Only God does. He will lead me in whatever way I am meant to go. He knows my purpose and will guide me to it.

What I do know is, tangible goals I can set for myself in 2017. I want to buy a new car, complete a year of working at my new job, move out on my own, commit myself to being a better daughter, a better friend. I want to read 50 new books. I know other goals will breech my mind as 2017 rolls forward.

Will I accomplish all of these things? I don’t know. Will I find unexpected goals wedged in-between the ones I listed above? Absolutely. That’s the beauty of life, it’s unpredictable.

Cheers to not being able to predict what 2017 will bring us.


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