A Christmas Tree is Never Complete

img_8312A symbol in most households this time  of year, a Christmas tree.

As my family and I were decorating our tree this December, I said out loud “Mom, a Christmas tree is truly never complete.” As quick as the words came out of my mouth, they resonated with me. I realized there is much more behind them then just perfect placement of ribbon, ornaments, and a star on top.

Memories, and love, and laughter are stored in Christmas trees.

No ornament is hung is the same spot each year. Homemade ornaments, or those bought through travel, or as gifts hang tightly between the evergreen, representing an era or destination. Some are passed down and represent legacies. Each one carries it’s own special meaning.

Golden lights shimmering on display, twinkling, lighting up the room.

Gifts are placed under the tree of years past, present, and future. Smiles, screams, and elations come preceding the ripping of paper and throwing of bows. The largest and smallest packages alike bring joy.

Traditions that vary from family to family bring Christmas to life for generations behind and beyond. As each year passes, new ornaments are hung on trees and special gifts are placed below them nestled under the branches, light bulbs are replaced to maintain a glow. No Christmas is identical. Therefore; in my mind a Christmas tree is never complete. Because, you see, more memories are meant to be made. New laughs are waiting to be laughed. Your library of Christmases will grow each year centered around your tree.

Christmas comes round once each year, and Christmas stories will forever be made. Together they illustrate an open-ended book with pages waiting to be filled. As Christmas 2016 dwindles into the night, I imagine how Christmas 2017 will build upon this.


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