Then There was Someone New

Then there was someone new.

A crush if you will.

With eyes hidden behind sunglasses. A mystery waiting to be discovered. Not necessarily a stranger. Yet, a leap into unknowns. The first opportunity you feel truly pushes you forward. Gives you the hope you need to move on.

That is what makes it exciting though. It is the first time your mind did not wander to him. Fixate on him. Fixate on the what if? Instead it focuses on something new. Or rather, someone new.

A few conversations in and you are hooked. Wishing he was an open book. Wanting to learn all you can. Ah, the beauty of a crush. Nervous talk, not wanting to give it away, but secretly wishing they knew. Contemplation of just letting it go. Hanging it all out on the line. Jumping, hoping you both end up on his side.

Fear of the unknown holds you back. It always has. Is it better to feel something than nothing? Let chance and the universe decide while you aimlessly wish on times and cross your fingers. Or, make yourself uncomfortable for once in your life. You have always followed through with A and B but never ventured to C. Well, maybe C is just what you need.


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