Have You Danced Alone In Your Room?

Have you, danced alone in your room? Taken time to yourself? Truly danced like no one is watching? (Maybe even while singing into your hairbrush) Had fun because you wanted to? Asked out that cute guy from the coffee shop? Driven around with all your windows down and the radio blasting? Bought that bold lipstick? Lived in each moment?

Pick on song, close the bedroom door, turn up the volume, and dance. Feel free. Feel loved. Be yourself.When you get ice cream, indulge in the extra scoop. Treat yourself. Try on the dress you think won’t look right on you. Do a little day dreaming. Let go of your fear and anxiety. Enjoy your cup of tea for little bit longer. Embrace your guilty pleasure. Turn left where you usually turn right. Find out what is at the end of that street. Don’t limit yourself because you are scared. Dance in the rain and jump in the puddles. Laugh at stupid jokes. Buy flowers at the grocery store for yourself. Find what makes you feel important.

Dance alone in your room.

Let these moments define you. Let these moments measure time. Don’t let your life be measured by ticks from a clock. Remember, time shouldn’t be measured by numbers but by moments and memories as such.



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