Happy Birthday To You

My birthday has already come and past this year. Maybe yours has too or maybe it hasn’t. Either way I’m here to tell you, your birthday is important.

Yes, YOUR birthday is important.

When I was a little girl at the wise age of 3 or 4, on the way home from my birthday party I politely asked my mom, “What are we doing for my other birthday this year?” Yes, ladies and gents, I thought I had two birthdays. And since then, for as long as I can remember, I have always loved my birthday. No if, ands, or buts, about it, each year I look forward to the 24th of April. Not because I’m conceded or in love with myself or even selfish. But, think about it, what’s better than an entire day to celebrate me? A day where you get to make every decision and no one questions it. A day filled with laughter, love, family, friendship, and hopefully some cake. Let’s be honest, everyone looks forward to the cake. Personally, I’m an avid icing lover. When it’s your birthday you can eat all the icing you want.  But, this isn’t about my love of sweets. This is about you.

Turn the tables now.

What’s better than entire day to celebrate you? Honestly, I have never understood why some people don’t like their birthdays. It’s not selfish to do so. Think about it, there is no one else in this world that’s exactly like you. (Even if you have a twin) You are the only you. That is important to celebrate. Your life is unique. Not another person says the words you say or loves the way you love. Your birthday marks the day you came into this world. It marks the day you changed this world forever. This world would not be the same without you. Let me ask you this, why would you not want to celebrate that? Loving your birthday teaches you to love yourself and the beautiful person that you are. It highlights the importance of the life only you have the privilege of living.

It doesn’t take a grand gesture to impact this world. All you need to do is be yourself. When your special day rolls around this year and for all the years to come, remember my words. Remember how important you are. Celebrate your life and the fact that you’re alive to experience it and the world around you.


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