Walking Is Something We Do Everyday

Only I can figure out why you walked into my life. Even then, I may never figure it out.

I believe every person that comes into my life is placed there for a reason. They might jump in, or run in, or simply appear. All the same they are placed there. Placed there to teach me something. Or, maybe for me to teach them something.

I may never know why I walked into your life.  I hope it made you smile or made you angry. I hope it changed you in a way you needed. I hope it made you feel something. I hope you will never forget me. I hope you get everything you deserve. Because you changed my life.

I have never felt this way before. You’ve had a lasting effect on me. Some days you escape my mind. Other days you consume it to full capacity. Whichever it is, part of you will always linger within me. You walked into my life like you walked into a room. Why you did? I don’t know. I just know I’ll never forget it.


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