Chasing New York Minutes On Gabriella Time

Everyday during sweater weather season, I wear the same scarf. For three years now, a black and white scarf has been part of my life. This isn’t just any old scarf, it’s one that is a map of Manhattan. It is one that embodies my love of maps. Yet, even though I wear this scarf for at least 5 months out of the year it had been a while since I visited the city it represents.


The last time I spent any amount of time in New York City, I was in high school. Ever since then, I have been dying to take a trip back. I didn’t care for how long, I just wanted to be in The Big Apple. Last week for all of 72 hours, I lived in Brooklyn, New York.

No, I didn’t move there for three days. Just a quick little visit. But, instead of staying in a traditional hotel, my friend and I lived in an Airbnb bungalow. The Williamsburg Bungalow in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY was our home for June 14 -16. Giving Airbnb a chance was something new and definitely out of my comfort zone but I’m so glad I gave it a shot. Apart from taking Uber’s everywhere (And google mapping everything), we lived like Brooklynites for a few days.  Brooklyn was a neighborhood previous to this trip I had never explored. We figured there is more to New York then Manhattan. We were right. Williamsburg was filled with such a young and hip crowd. The streets were lined with restaurants, bars, shops, and quirky cute city buildings. We even happened upon a park full of activities. Don’t get me started on the life changing pizza. Another major reason we decided to stay in Brooklyn was because we had plans to attend a concert there the second night of our trip. We went to see, flor, friends of ours. We’ve known these guys for about 5 years now and their music seriously rocks. I highly recommend checking them out. A little new music in your life never hurt anyone. Check them out –

Even though we stayed in Brooklyn, that did not mean it got all of our love. Of course, we ventured into Manhattan. We strolled through Central Park and got lunch at The Boat House. Then, like Blair and Serena were spotted on the steps of The Met.


A bustle through Times Square and 30 Rock was also a must. Just walking down the streets of Manhattan exited me.

The people were the best part of New York for me. Turning corners and strolling down the sidewalks not a single person was alike. No one was dressed alike, no one walked alike. Each person was their own. Each person walking with pride representing the story of who they are. For three days, I was one of those people. I was a bustling, busy, New Yorker. I was chasing New York minutes on Gabriella time.


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