Dear Jonas Brothers,

If I went back to a high school reunion, I would be known as the girl who was obsessed with The Jonas Brothers. Over the years, throughout their prime time, I was, and I still am an avid Jonas Brothers fan. On top of attending many concerts and their movie premiere, I bought every magazine they were in, have a t-shirt from every tour, plastered my walls with their posters, and imagined I’ll marry Nick one day. (I still think I’m going to marry Nick. That hasn’t changed.) They gave me so much. Memories, fun, laughter, road trips, and so much more. All of those things are small compared to the best thing they gave me. They gave me a best friend.

How you ask?
I was one of the lucky JoBro fans that had the opportunity to meet them. (Obviously one of the best days of my life) That is not why this story is important though. However, it is where my story begins. After meeting the them, I immediately posted my pictures on MySpace. Yes, I just said MySpace. Get with me here people, this was pre-FaceBook. You know, when I secretly had a MySpace account because my mom said I couldn’t have one. I was a rebel and had one anyway. Because of this story, I’m so glad I did.

Anyway, about posting my pictures. Not long after my picture was live, a girl messaged me and asked me how I met them. I had seen this girl around before but that was about it. I knew we went to the same school. She was a few grades behind me. Other then that, we were practically strangers. That was all to change though. I gave her all the fangirl details of meeting our favorite band. After that initial message, we started to chat on Myspace. We talked about our mutual love of concerts and The Jonas Brothers. Next thing we knew, we would meet up at concerts. After that, we started attending concerts together. A lot more texts, concerts, pictures, trips, and adventures later, I know call this girl my best friend. I have lost count of how many concerts we have been to together.

Because of The Jonas Brothers I found the truest friend I have ever had. If I could wish anything for you it would be to find a friend as true as mine. To have someone in your corner boxing though life with you. Someone that even after they experience your terrible driving, they still get in the car with you. I thank my best friend for that on a daily basis. Beyond sharing a love of music, I know I can count on her for anything and everything. She gives me the best advice and tells me what I need to hear, even if I don’t want to hear it. I could go on about all the great things about our friendship and all of our mutual loves. That’s not the point of this post.

If you get anything from this, it is to find yourself the truest friend. It is to understand, you will never know how or when that person will walk into your life. This relationship has showed my what true friendship is all about. It gave a definition to something that is difficult to make tangible. It paved a path of guidance to show who I should keep in my life and who I shouldn’t. It set an example and helped me find beautiful friendships in all facets of my life. When I first listened to “Year 3000” did I think it would bring me my best friend? No, definitely not. Now, when I listen to any Jonas Brothers song, I reminisce on how they unknowingly brought me my best friend. We always joke and say we should write them a letter to say thank you.

Nick, Joe, and Kevin, thank you for leading me to the best friend I have ever had. A person with a heart the size of a planet and kindness that goes on for miles. A person who does not laugh at me when I tell her I cried watching a Disney World commercial. Someone who is always up for ice cream and who will always go to the mall with me.

We credit the start of our friendship to The Jonas Brothers.

I credit the rest of it to two girls finding their “friend”-mate.


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