Monday, I’m Starting To Like You 

It is the start of the week. It rhymes with fun day. But, it is not considered a fun day. Yep, you guessed it, I am talking about Monday. The day basically no one likes.

To tell you the truth I think I am starting to like Mondays. Gasp, I know, I basically just swore at you. Hear me out though.

Our lives are filled with new beginnings whether we choose to notice them or not. With each new beginning comes a new opportunity. Mondays are new beginnings. Every week begins with a Monday. (Okay, technically Sunday but, I consider that the weekend.) Mondays shouldn’t be scary. Mondays shouldn’t be daunting. You shouldn’t dread Monday. Learn to love them. Learn to show them who’s boss. Don’t let them get the best of you. Take advantage of what Monday has to offer you.

Glancing at the week ahead, staring, while standing on a Monday, I think to myself all the things I can accomplish that week. And, if I don’t get around to all those things, I start again the next Monday. I chose to me optimistic with my Monday feels, giving myself a solid foundation for the rest of my week. If something starts out well, it has a greater chance of remaining that way.

We never know what each day will give us. We do know what we will give each day. Make a choice. Choose to give it everything. Or, maybe nothing at all. Do what you want with it. Just do not hate it. Realize the opportunity and choice you have in front of you. I truly believe it’s a choice to have a good day or a bad day. Personally, I don’t let myself have bad days. Granted, some days are better then others. Some days a great, some are good, but never bad.

So when the next Monday rolls around, don’t let it get you down. Say, “Hello Monday, I kinda like you.” If you change your attitude towards Monday, it might surprise you. Give it a chance.


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