To Do List

I want to do so many things with you. Like get pizza. What you consider good pizza. And go ice skating, in New York, in the freezing cold. But I won’t care because I will be with you. Teach me to swing a golf club, not because I love the sport, but because you do. Let me cook for you. I want you to listen to my favorite song and tell me why you probably hate it. Then let me play it on repeat so I can sing along. And let me sing it to you. Understand you can’t talk while it is playing. We can drive around aimlessly and talk. Talk like we are just meeting for the first time. Travel to a place we both have never been to. Explore, go on an adventure. Walk through a new city without using a map. Take me to get ice cream even though you rarely eat it. I would get two scoops. You would hold the extra napkins we both know I will need. Let’s share a bottle of gin, or whiskey, or wine. Do something completely out of character. Go to a formal event where we are forced to dress up. Hold my hand. Argue with me about the meaning of life. Just let me sit and stare at you and think ‘I am lucky to have you in my life.’


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