All Our Stories Poured Into Coffee Cups

Coffee doesn’t come out of a coffee pot when tipped over and poured. Words come out. Words that form sentences, that turn into stories, that are the books of our lives. All of that and so much more pours out of coffee pots. Paragraphs upon pages of stories shared over a steaming cup of coffee. A lot can happen as a result of a cup of coffee. This to me is why the little things in life are so important. Little things like sharing coffee.

It’s important to find a good coffee shop, have a usual order, and become a regular. Then take advantage of it. Share it. Share coffee with those you deem worthy. Those you want to share your stories with. Those who are important to you or those you need to talk to. Sharing a cup of coffee can be intimate or distant. It can wake you up or calm you down. But no matter what, every cup of coffee has one thing in common. They all have a story. They all create a story. There is a comfort in holding a mug, taking a deep breath, and smelling fresh coffee before taking a sip. The beginning of a story.

Each cup you drink alone creates a moment. Each cup you share creates a memory. Things are confessed over cups of coffee. Lives are changed over cups of coffee. Love is made over cups of coffee. They are a path to your soul. If you want to learn about someone get coffee with them. Sit down across from them and talk. Discuss life, love, happiness, sadness, and whatever comes to mind. Listen to everything they have to say. Open up and don’t look back.

We connect over cups of coffee. In the end, all of our stories are poured into coffee cups.


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