How I Became A Sports Fan

Trust me, I know, when you think of sports you don’t think of Gabriella. That as changed thanks to hockey. Especially, Pittsburgh Penguins hockey.

Sure, growing up my  brother played soccer all the way through college. To be honest, that’s probably the one sport I understand best. I love to watch soccer. But, I have also discovered a strong love of hockey.

In college, I spent four years in Pittsburgh. I attended Duquesne University, located just a few blocks from Consol Energy Center (The home of the Penguins). Spending those years in Pittsburgh, a true hockey town, coached me into becoming a hockey fan. If you spend any time in Pittsburgh, you’ll quickly learn how passionate it’s sports fans are. I had many friends in college that wouldn’t miss a game. Before I knew it, I started to enjoy watching the game as well.

Now, to be honest, at that time I didn’t seek out and watch every game like I do now. That took some time. The more I watched, the more I realized how impressed I was by the skill and athleticism of hockey players. They’re some talented tough cookies. Within the past year, I frequently started watching games if I knew one was on. One thing lead to another, and the next thing I knew, I was constantly checking the Penguin’s schedule making sure not to miss a game. Granted, I don’t always understand everything that happens or know every rule of the game. But, I love the rush and adrenaline of the game.

My entire life I’ve always had an interest in concerts and the bond of a fan base. That same bond translates to sports fans. And it’s awesome. I should have gotten in to sports sooner.

I’ve also quickly learned that playoff hockey is even better than regular season hockey. The energy is insane. However, what I take most from this is the importance of passion. The passion a team has to play the game. And, the passion a fan has watching the game and believing in their favorite team. Passion is something we all need in life. Be passionate about the things that make you happy. And, yes, it can be something as simple as watching a hockey game.

That’s how I became a sports fan; how I stayed a sports fan.


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