March’s Book To Pick Up


I discovered March’s book from a tweet. Back in December, a friend of mine tweeted a quote from this book. Words I immediately fell in love with. After reading her tweet, I had to track down it’s original source. I craved to read the other words that stood beside them. The words that hugged the pages of a book.

“If You Find This Letter” by Hannah Brencher is the source of these words. By now, you’re probably asking, “Okay Gab, what the heck were the words?” Alright fine, I’ll tell you.

“That’s something I may never understand: how the world still moves when someone you love isn’t there anymore.” 

This quote hit me in a sore spot, a good spot at that. It made me feel something. That is what good writing is supposed to do. It is supposed to make you feel something. And, that is exactly what this book did. Within in the first 16 pages, I cried approxamitely three times. Not because it was sad but because it hit me. It made me feel something. Or, maybe because I’m an emotional 22 year old girl that cries watching Ellen everyday. Either way, it did more than that. It made me laugh and it made me smile too. It made me believe in life. It made me believe in the power of love. Every form of love.

Hannah’s love of letters was passed on from her mother. Hannah’s mom always wrote to her. Sometimes it was a note in her school lunch growing up or it might have been a letter in her college mailbox. A series of love letters throughout her lifetime. A love letter is what sparked this book. An ember of a page that burned into so much more. Her love letters came about because, like me, right out of college she was lost in the progress of life. After graduation, Hannah moved to NYC for a service year. During her time there, life was not turning out how she expected. Long story short, she turned to writing love letters to keep her hope in life alive. She would write love letters and leave them in random places all over New York City. On the subway, in department store coat pockets, park benches, and even doctor’s offices. Each letter would read “If you find this letter, it’s for you.” As this became a regular thing for her, she wrote about it on her blog. Then one day she opened up her letter writing skills to anyone who asked. She posted on her blog, that if anyone reading wanted a love letter, she would write to them. The response was incredible.

Fast forward, and ‘The World Needs More Love Letters’ is a bustling operation. Anyone can write in requesting letters for a person in need of some words. Then, anyone can respond to the request. A little handwritten pick me up. The end result: a beautiful person receiving a bundle of personal love letters addressed just to them. However, Hannah writes about this much better than I do. To learn more about it and to write a letter to a stranger, check out TWNMLL here: Move Love Letters .

Another beautiful piece of work that has blossomed from this is “If You Find This Email.” Do you have something you’ve always wanted to say to someone? A written text, email, or even letter that you haven’t found the courage to send. This is the place for you. Send in your writing anonymously, get some words off your back. Trust me, it helps. I’ve done it. While you are there read the words of others too. It’s amazing how many people in this world are in the same place as you.

If you choose to pick up this book. (Obviously, I highly insist recommend  you do.) I suggest, you have a pen or pencil near by while you read it. I could not go a paragraph without underlining something. Normally, I would not write in a book but, in this case I made an exception. Hannah has a way of Taylor Swift-ing words. She strings them together beautifully. This is a book I want to hand to every girl I know. Hannah sought out her purpose through love letters to strangers. You might just find your purpose through her book.


To end this post, here are some of my favorite quotes from the book:

“For the ones with yellow roses on their countertops and strong caffeinated drinks in their hands.”

“Maybe it’s like falling in love, it can happen like that.”

“And I unlocked doors for him I had sworn I would never open. And I laid down insecurities like playing cards.”

“It’s stacked on the premise that to love anyone is to hope in them always.”

“It was the kind of night you find wedged into the chorus of a Taylor Swift song.”

“Or if it was just human nature to want to hold tight to the people who move all the parts of you around like furniture.” 


Purchase the book on Amazon here: If You Find This Letter

Follow Hannah on social media too: BlogTwitter Instagram

Also, check out her Ted Talk


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