Disney World: What I Wore


You’re going to the place where dreams come true. It’s essential to pack the proper wardrobe. A cool mix of style and comfort is a must. There is no shame in showing off your love for the park and everything Disney. If you’re like me, you already have a few pieces of Disney clothing hanging in your closet. Not to worry if you don’t though. There are a few secrets to purchasing your perfect Disney World Outfit.

Tip One, you don’t have to dress like a soccer mom to look cute in the parks. Here’s a quick over view of what I wore to the Magic Kingdom. It was full of Disney spirit, plus it was cute, comfy, and cool in the hot Florida weather.

Head to toe breakdown:

Head: Snapback, polka dot, Minnie Mouse Ears Hat (Disney World Park)


Body: Mickey Mouse cropped t-shirt  & light wash, ripped, denim shorts (American Eagle)


Feet: White high top Chuck Taylor’s II and tall white athletic socks (Converse & Ralph Lauren Polo)


Buying the hat was one of my souvenir purchases. I treated myself. It was something I really wanted and will take back with me on future trips to Disney. The rest of my outfit were pieces I already had in my closet. The shirt was a gift from a friend, but she found it at American Eagle. I have a love affair with denim shorts and it’s easy to find a great fitting pair at your favorite store. I recommend checking out TJMaxx first. They carry a lot of my favorite brands at great prices. Last, wearing converse kept my feet comfortable and cool. They were great shoes to walk around in. Wearing sneakers with socks will actually whisk away the sweat better than any other footwear. Plus, they can be worn with many other outfits. Packing staple pieces is a travel tip I’ll always recommend. The only thing not pictured, is the zip-up sweatshirt I packed in my bag for when it got a little chilly at night.

Tip twodon’t wait to buy it in the park. You can if you want to, but there is actually a wide variety of Disney clothing in your favorite retail stores at your local mall, or online. Buying Disney souvenirs at the parks can add up pretty quickly. Places like, JCPenny’s, Forever 21, Target, and Kohls are a few popular places to shop instead. Shopping at these stores will give you a wider variety of what you’d find in the parks. Plus, they sell stuff that you won’t find at the parks. If you want a more unique piece, go explore these stores first. On top of that, you can save a few dollars.

Tip threeit’s still okay to shop the park merchandise too. All of the stores in each park (Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Animal Kingdom, and Hollywood Studios) sell almost all the same merchandise. You don’t have to wait till to hit a certain park to get that shirt or pair of Mickey ears you’ve been dying to purchase. Buy it one day, so you have it ready to wear to a different park the next. Don’t wait till you get to the park to buy it and change. Granted, there are stores in each park that will feature items specific to that park too. But, most clothing items, stuffed animals, and mouse ears will be universally sold across all parks.

Overall, remember to let your personal style shine through. Disney is for everyone. Show off your personality though your style. Dress like your favorite princess, rock polka dots like Minnie, or be as goofy as Goofy. Most important, let Disney reveal it’s magic to you and make your dreams come true.


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