If My Instagram Captions Were Honest

Part of the allure of Instagram is the caption that accompanies the picture. If you’re like me, you probably spend too much time picking out the “perfect” caption. Also, if you’re like me, you have a note on your iPhone dedicated solely to Instagram captions. An arsenal of words ready for battle. Now that’s all fine and dandy, but let’s be honest the Taylor Swift lyrics and quotes and puns we write  don’t truly illustrate what’s going on in the picture. Now, I’m here to write with honesty. For fun, I’m going to take some of my Instagram photos and caption them truthfully.



Original Caption: “Sometimes me think, “What is a friend?” And then me say, “Friend is someone to share the last cookie with,” – The Cookie Monster

Honest Caption: My friend brought me home this delicious cookie. I’m about to eat it. I wanted to Instagram, so here’s a picture of it.



Original Caption: “Smile and let the world wonder why”

Honest Caption: “Today was a really nice day for February. I didn’t wash my hair but I put on red lipstick and the sun made for good selfie lighting.”



Original Caption: “Buying last minute tickets this morning, yeah that was a good idea.”

Honest Caption: “I bought student rush tickets even though I’m no longer a student.”



Original Caption: “When you graduated and somehow find yourself at bid day”

Honest Caption: “I graduated 9 months ago, don’t have a full time job, but I managed to make it back to bid day because I still wish I was in college.”



Original Caption: “Some people Instagram pictures with their boyfriends. I Instagram pictures of my cats.”

Honest Caption: “I’m single AF and I hang out with my cats. Look how cute this one is.”



Original Caption: “The Autumn leaves falling down like pieces into place, and I can picture it after all these days.”

Honest Caption: “This picture looks artsy, but in reality I was just looking down and fixing my scarf.”



Original Caption: “Fall at the Romeo’s. Featuring: homemade apple crisp and homemade caramel.”

Honest Caption: “I want you all to know I am domestic.”



Original Caption: “And at the end of the day, your skin should be tan, your hair should be messy, and your eyes sparkling.”

Honest Caption: “I actually think this lake is disgusting but I made my mom take this picture so you can all now think I’m slightly outdoorsy.”



Original Caption: “A girl and her camera went for a walk today”

Honest Caption: “Lonely, bored me didn’t have anyone to take my picture. So, here’s my shadow instead.”



Original Caption: “Did that whole college graduation thing this morning”

Honest Caption: “Great, what am I supposed to do with my life now?”


There you have it folks, some brutally honest Instagram captions. And now for a shameless follow plug: Go follow me on Instagram. As always ladies and gents, keep on hitting up that gram. Photography is always beautiful.

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