February’s Book To Pick Up


With inspiration from a friend of mine who read 100 books in 2015. I have challenged myself to read 50 books in 2016. Since, I will constantly be reading, I decided to recommend a new read each month. Even though we’re half way through February, it’s never to late to start something new.

This month, I’ll be recommending a book I actually read over summer 2015. “The Opposite of Loneliness” By Marina Keegan happened to be a book I discovered at the perfect time. I came across this book while browsing the Kindle library on Amazon. I downloaded a preview of it. Quickly, I read the excerpt and knew I needed to read the whole thing. I ordered a physical copy though, instead of a digital version. As much as I love my kindle, I have to admit there is a real quality to exploring a hard copy of any novel. Plus, who doesn’t love getting a package in the mail.

Marina Keegan, was an author, playwright, actress, and much more, on top of being an undergraduate student a Yale University. Five days after her graduation from Yale, she tragically died. During her time at Yale, she was on staff at The Yale Daily news. The last piece she wrote for them was an essay titled, “The Opposite Of Loneliness.” This essay was transposed to the title of her book and is also featured in the beginning of the book as well. However, her book was not published before her death. It came about after. Her family and old professors came together to have Marina’s writing published to touch the world. Each piece in the book is written by her. Half of the book is fiction and half is nonfiction. A wonderful, beautifully written read on both parts.

As I said before, I managed to pick this book up in perfect timing. Myself, a recent college graduate really connected with this book. The age Marina was when she wrote the essay “The Opposite of Loneliness” is the age I am now. This particular essay really spoke to me and was very relatable. She writes, “We don’t have a word for the opposite of loneliness but if we did, I could say that’s what I want in life.”

I highly recommend picking up a copy of the book. It has a refreshing mix of essays and stories written for all.  If that’s not something you are interested in doing, treat yourself and read the title essay here The Opposite Of Loneliness. But, trust me, once you read this essay you’ll want to consume the entire book. I feel very proud to have a copy occupy space on my bookshelf.


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