I’m Sorry. Actually, I’m not.


Everywhere I go, I hear a chorus of ‘I’m sorries.’ Instead of saying excuse me, someone says “I’m sorry.” You disagree with someone, you say “I’m sorry.” You are standing in someones way, you say “I’m sorry.” You are happy but your friend is sad, so you say, “I’m sorry.”  You want to interject an opinion or question at a work meeting, you say “I’m sorry.” Are you catching the theme here? All too often, people are saying “I’m sorry” for everything they do. This chorus of “I’m sorries” has gotten old very quickly. At this rate, you might as well start apologizing for living.

Ask yourself, are you actually sorry?

As I was preparing to write this, I texted a friend and asked her to give me examples of when she says sorry. She told she knew she did it a lot. When it came down to it though she had a difficult time producing specific examples of when she does. I think this goes to show the normality the phrase “I’m sorry” has taken in our life. It is a phrase used so often that we do not realize how often we use it and that it is losing its true meaning.

For lack of better term, I am going to call this the ‘Sorry Epidemic.” Left and right, a never ending string of sorries. Sorry for this, sorry for that. Why are you sorry? There is no need to apologize for every little thing you do. Let’s be honest, you are not sorry. It’s like The Boy Who Cried Wolf. If you continue to apologize for everything, how will someone know when you are truly sorry? Instead of apologizing for blocking someones way at the grocery store, just say ‘excuse me’ and move. No, your intention was not to be in their way, but there is no need to apologize for it. People think that by saying sorry, it makes you come across as friendly and not rude. I get not wanting to be rude but go about it in a purer way.

Our society focuses too much on not wanting to offend others. News flash: You are not going to agree with everyone you meet. That doesn’t mean you cannot get along with them. And, that does not mean you have to apologize for a differing opinion. It does not make you rude, it makes you you. Don’t get me wrong, I do not like confrontation as much as the next person. However, I am not going to apologize for my opinion. I honestly do not care if you agree with me. If I am factually wrong, I’ll admit to it. Otherwise, I don’t care. That is not to say I have not suffered from the “Sorry Epidemic.” I catch myself saying it too. Not nearly as much as I did in years past, but I have my moments. Now, if someone says it to me, I choose to show people that they do not need to apologize to me for silly things. If someone unnecessarily apologizes to me, I politely tell them, “there is no need to apologize, you did not do anything wrong.” Learn to save your sorries. There will be times in your life when you have to bite the bullet and truly apologize for something and mean it. In reality, sorry can be a tough word to spit out.

Don’t waste your sorries on mundane things. Don’t be the person who cried sorry.



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