Someone Who Tells Strangers About You


The talent of meaningful, touching, romantic writing is not granted to most. Some people have a natural ability to put into words the thoughts that overwhelm our minds. They manage to explain the obsessive thoughts we all know we have. They manage to make us laugh, or cry, or feel something we have never felt before.

Writing that inspires me the most tends to be song lyrics. “We were in screaming color,” is a lyric that I adore. Brought to me through Taylor Swift’s song “Out Of The Woods” off of her latest album 1989. From the first moment I heard this song to now, this lyric has stuck with me.

What is screaming color? The idea of that rings loudly in my head every day and I relate it so strongly to relationships.

We all have a variety of relationships in our life. Some are worth holding on to, others we must let go of. The context of this lyric, in my mind, belongs to romance. Romantic things have an edge of mystery, excitement, and remoteness from everyday life. All relationships have a pinch or an overflow of romance. Take a moment you’ve had during any relationship, look back and remember that moment in screaming color. Think of how happy you were in that moment. How the only thing that mattered was what was going on right then and there. That you were so entranced in that moment with that person, it made you feel alive. You smile when you think of it. That my friends is screaming color.

Don’t limit these moments in your life. These moments can happen at anytime, you will not always see them coming. As I repeat the lyric “We were in screaming color” over and over again in my head, along with it comes some of my most screamingly, wonderfully, brightly, colored moments. Meeting someone who inspired me for the first time. A boy I liked teaching me how to play his favorite video game. Staying up late, talking, and learning all you can about another person who interested me like no one else ever had.

A spark of romance hides within your life. Within that spark brings you the opportunity for screaming color. Moments like these may keep your heart on your sleeve, yet they make life worth living. They help you reach people that inspire you. And, that is what I love in people, the ability for them to teach me something about life that I wouldn’t have learned from anyone else. I believe that people can help you access parts of yourself you can not or will not reach on your own. They will make you step out of your comfort zone. I crave people that terrify me in that way. I believe that a person who terrifies me like that, will add to my life in a way no one has ever before. That kind of person is who I want to spend my most colorful moments with. Someone who tells strangers about me.


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