Go Ahead Call Me A Fan Girl

Those that know me, maybe even those who don’t know me, know my love or more accurately put obsession with concerts. It’s safe to say I have lost count of how many concerts I’ve been to. That’s maybe a good thing, maybe a bad thing. Concerts are my love and my passion. My love of them is so great that I have aspirations to work in the music industry after I graduate from college next May. I even say that I have a blood/concert level. There is nothing about a concert and live music that I don’t adore.



I have lost count the amount of times people have called me a fan girl.

This is not usually said as a compliment. It is mostly used as an insult.

I want to challenge this.

Mind you, it does not bother me when people call me a fan girl. Yet, I will never understand why people find it so wrong to be a fan girl. “Oh she must be crazy, she’s a fan girl.” Why does it matter how big of a fan I am of something? That includes my love of bands and concerts. Yes, I go to a lot of concerts. Yes, I have an iTunes library full of bands you’ve probably never heard of. But why do you care? I love it. But no one ever said you have to love it too. It makes me happy and that will never change.

Have you every considered why I love a band so much? Probably not. I don’t get asked that question very much. Maybe consider that next time before you tell me I am crazy and attend too many concerts. I will never apologize for being a fan of any band. I don’t care if you like them too. I like them and that is all that matters. They have touched my life and I will always thank them for that.

I am proud to be a fan girl. You can call me one anytime you want. I don’t care. I believe it stands for how passionate I am about something in my life. I will never think of it as an insult again, from this moment forward it will always be a compliment.


Go ahead, call me a fan girl.


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