Avenue Summer

Sun kissed, young, and fearless. A summer celebrating twenty-one years of life. The summer before my senior year of college. I want to make the most of it. Not because I want to cherish my last moments as a “kid.” Rather because it is a chance to explore. Life is something I enjoy more and more each day. Summer opens up a new road for me to discover. This is an opportunity for me to express myself and hopefully touch other lives while I am at it. A blog is something I have always wanted to do. So, this is where I am starting. I will write away and see where it takes me. An adventure down summer boulevard is waiting for me.

My summer hopes, plans, and dreams. Whatever you call them. Here are just a few things I want to accomplish this summer. Give or take, the possibilities are endless.

  1. Read. Wear out my kindle and library card.
  2. Concerts. I go to them like it’s my job.
  3. Travel. Especially to places I’ve never been.
  4. Be healthier. Work out, eat better, you know the drill.
  5. Get a tan. A summer staple.

I could make this list so much longer but there is no need. Simple is fun, and why make fun complicated? Summer 2014 has many possibilities and I am eager to soak up the sun. Whoever you are and wherever you are reading this, thank you. Pass it on, tell me what you like, what you don’t like, read it again, do whatever you want with it, but promise me you will challenge yourself each day to have a life you fully enjoy. Avenue summer is waiting. It is just the beginning.


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